Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality

ATOM-r is a provisional collective exploring forensics, anatomy, and 21st century embodiment through performance, language and emerging technologies. Participants include Mark Jeffery (choreography), Judd Morrissey (text and technology), Justin Deschamps, Sam Hertz, Christopher Knowlton, Blake Russell, & Kevin Stanton (collaborators/performers).

The work is partially supported by a grant from the Chicago Dancemakers Forum and commissioning support from the European research group ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model for Creativity and Innovation in Practice) in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art and New Media Scotland. The piece has also been supported by artist's workshops at dance4, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, York St John University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The work is also supported by the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago with the collective being artists in resident at the space.

Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery are a collaboration merging digital literary practices and performance (2003 - ) and co - founders of ATOM-r (2012- ). The work, which is visual, textual and choreographic, evolves through context-specific research and practice and always considers the constraints of a given venue or occasion. Site- responsive considerations include the performance/exhibition/ production space as well as the local community and [online] textual activity happening within the locale. A give-n piece is a body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as internet art, durational live installation or a performance of fixed length. 

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